Ultralight Titanium Solid Fuel Tablet Burner


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Ultralight Titanium Solid Fuel Tablet Burner

For Hexamine, Esbit and other brands of solid fuel tablets.

***Please note you need to fold the burner yourself, an easy DIY project***

  • Weighs 4g
  • Made from ultralight titanium
  • Matches our pot stands and combined pot stand/windshields.
  • Uses very little fuel, typically a 12g piece of fuel tablet can boil 500ml of water inside one of our pot rest/windshields.
  • Stores two full 28g Hexamine tablets within the burner
  • Able to burn small pieces of tablet or even a pile of crumbs.

It has taken a lot of testing to develop this easy to make and very efficient burner.

Assembly instructions.

The titanium comes pre-scored alone the fold lines and with the air holes punched.

  • Make sure the titanium is the correct way up as shown in the photographs.
  • Gently pinch the points of the square so the material bends alog the score marks.  Work your way round pinching further and drawing the sides up to form the open box shape.
  • Once you have created a box with points at each corner you can now snip off the points by a few millimeters with scissors so there are no actual points.
  • Now fold these "flaps" flat against the sides off the open tray.
  • To get clean fold lines you can use the end of a ruler to form the titanium into a 90 degree bend.
  • Use pliers to ensure the "flaps" are squeezed tight against the sides.
  • You don't need to make the burner pretty so long as it is the right shape.

Be very careful with the edges of the titanium, they are sharp.

Protect the burner from being crushed, by storing it in a plastic bag in your pot.


As with all our products these are hand made, so some variation in finish is to be expected.  Obviously function is unaffected.
Please read.

Product Code: 20MRANS821


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